1. Course Overview and Objectives

Creating and sustaining a cohesive, productive team is a leadership challenge in the best of circumstances.

In a distributed working environment, there are unique challenges for a team striving for high performance.

And for the many who have found themselves as a “Suddenly Remote” team, the challenges are even greater!

In this Course we will focus on three fundamental aspects of a strong, productive virtual team:

Virtual Coordination – Clearly defining, understanding and appreciating team member roles & responsibilities, and fully utilizing the tools at hand to get results.

Virtual Collaboration – How do team members build effective working relationships and strengthen trust when they only interact virtually? It requires intentional effort and specific strategies to appreciate strengths, overcome differences and work well together as a cohesive team.

Accountability – Maintaining accountability is difficult for teams no matter what the context. In a virtual environment it’s particularly difficult to calibrate expectations, address problems and celebrate success.

I hope you - and your Virtual Team - find this course helpful in achieving your mission.

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