Course Overview and Objectives

What Is "Business Acumen"?

An effective leader can assess the situation quickly and wisely to account for risks, make a timely decision, and galvanize others into action in a way that avoids unintended consequences and leads to the desired result. And a truly masterful leader makes it look easy! But there’s a lot of wisdom - and hard work - behind that seemingly effortless mastery.

A skilled leader needs to see the big picture surrounding the situation, understand how the elements of the system interact, and comprehend the invisible political dynamics so that their actions and decisions are effective in that particular situation. This leadership skill is called Business Acumen.

It is the ability to apply keen perception to make sound decisions and build a coalition for action to achieve a desired result. Without this depth of discernment you might as well be trying to navigate an obstacle course blindfolded!

This course is intended to:

  • Help you see the bigger picture that you are part of.
  • Help you see - and influence - the system that is operating around you.
  • Help you understand the political relationships influencing your organization.

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