In this Course we will focus on three core strategies:

  • First, Rethink Leadership. You’ve got to reframe your mental model of what “effective leadership” looks like in order to adapt to the virtual context. 
  • Second, Reassess Your Strengths. You’ll need a new set of skills and competencies in the virtual environment, so you’ll need to reassess your strengths and weaknesses and how they apply in this new context.
  • And third, Restrategize how you're going to get your team engaged. Connecting with, aligning and inspiring your virtual team will require a unique set of strategies, practices and tools. You can’t just bring in coffee and donuts any more.


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Hi, I'm John Riordan

For over 30 years, I have been committed to challenging people and organizations to reach their full potential – first as a leadership program founder and director in East Africa, and now as an organization and leadership development consultant. 

If you want to be an effective leader in the virtual context, you obviously can’t just continue to do what you’ve always done.  And you shouldn’t just try to directly translate your in-person practices into a virtual equivalent.  You’ve got to be intentional about building a healthy, strong, and productive culture for your virtual team.  And it starts with YOU.

This is the first course in a series for effectively leading in a new, virtual environment.

  1. Impactful Leadership in the Virtual Environment
  2. Building Strong Virtual Teams
  3. Sustaining Balance Amidst Virtual Chaos
  4. Refocusing
  5. Creating Your Leadership User's Guide
  6. Communicating Across Differences