Course Overview

Raise your hand if you're not busy and you don't have enough to do. I know, right? We are all busy. However - there's a fundamentally critical difference between being busy and producing results! A results-driven culture is built on a foundation of each of us as individuals taking ownership of and responsibility for our own contribution.

So the question shouldn't be, “Am I busy?” The question should be, “Am I producing results?” And even more importantly, "Am I producing the right results that are helping to take us in the right direction?" It seems like such an obvious question, and yet it’s amazing how quickly organizations and teams, and we as individuals, get caught up in activity and lose sight of the results we should actually be trying to achieve.

We’re going to focus on four objectives:

  • Be aware of your organization’s mission, vision and high-level goals - what your organization is trying to achieve.
  • Raise your awareness of how you are - or should be - contributing to that mission and high-level goals by producing valuable results yourself.
  • Challenge yourself to be aware of and to appreciate the contributions that others are making.
  • Encourage yourself to consider where you can help your team sharpen their focus on the right results, stop doing things that are not adding value, and change direction to produce different results when necessary.

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