Introduction and Course Objectives

What is "coaching", really? And why is it such a valuable way to engage your team members and colleagues?

At its essence, the intent of coaching is to “unlock a person's potential to maximize their own performance. Helping them learn - for themselves - rather than you teaching them.”

Who is it for? Coaching can be valuable for a lot of people, but, at the same time - coaching is NOT for everyone! You have to see that an individual has the willingness to take ownership of their situation and their choices, and that they have the capacity to discover a productive path forward for themselves. If you don't believe someone has that willingness or capacity, then coaching is not the right strategy.

In this course we’ll focus on four essentials:

  • The Skill of Self-Awareness: Raising awareness of your values, strengths and personality, and the importance of utilizing your self, skillfully, as a Coach.
  • The GROW Model: A simple, useful outline that will help you support a coaching recipient define their Goal, assess their current Reality, explore Options, and define a Way Forward.
  • The Skill of Asking Effective Questions: Helping someone explore their own thinking by asking open, authentic questions in a manner that makes them feel safe.
  • The Skill of Listening: It takes focus and attention to really hear what they're saying.

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